My vision is to create unique, fantastic and original clothing for performing artists and persons alike. Each piece is designed to fit the personality as well as individual needs of each customer and is made to measure. I believe in giving my customers the utmost care all the way down to smallest details. Service is personal and trustable. 

All products are custom made, hand cut and sewn. They are made using your exact measurements. Custom made clothes is the perfect expression of who you are. I can help you build your entire wardrobe. Including jackets, pants, shirts, vests, shorts and - even formal wear. I can also help you to find accessories, shoes and other things that will make your ensemble perfect. I also tune and fix your old clothes.

Customer can choose details from a large scale: Painted leather and fabric details, studs, patches, ribbons, metal button. I also customize and distress your existing garments. My timeline estimate varies from weeks to months, but I can work with your deadlines.